Our gorgeous Navajo Churro heritage sheep have such beautiful hides with long luxurious wool, we decided early on we had to find a way to preserve their beauty and honor the whole animal by tanning them into gorgeous pelts.

Our custom made sheepskin pelts are of the finest craftsmanship and involve quite a process to become a pelt. After harvest, we personally collect each one from the slaughterhouse, then we sort and clean them here on the ranch, then they travel to Oregon for flashing and salting by our taxidermist's two young sons, and then are shipped off to Quakertown, Pennsylvania to the best tannery for sheep skins in the US. After 6 months at the tannery they travel back to the ranch to be photographed in all their glory and listed here for you to purchase. They are hard for us to part with but we love seeing photos of them in our customers' homes! These pelts are supple and soft suede on the back side and incredible long lambs wool on the front, perfect for a cozy couch throw, an ottoman or home decor. They can be cleaned at home or sent back to the tannery for a proper cleaning at any time (for $2-10 plus shipping)

Care and laundering of lambskins

Option 1) Inquire with us for instructions on sending them to the tannery for a proper cleaning for $2-$10 a hide plus shipping

Option 2) you can clean them yourselves!
- If cleaning is necessary: rinse with cool water.
- Wash with liquid ivory soap in warm water on gentle cycle for three minutes.
- Rinse in warm water (twice) and allow to go through the spin cycle. Air dry, then brush.
- Dry on air dry, then put in dryer to fluff, NO HEAT.
- Stretch out by hand as drying to keep softer.
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ON SALE!  Pelt 332I ON SALE! Pelt 332I


Thick and fluffy black with brown-red highlights and two unique gray spots at the top! Small hole on the back left, covered by front wool.

Size: 50 x 29 inches at widest points

Price: $575.00
Sale Price: $400.00
Savings: $175.00
In Stock

PELT 33B - a beautiful deep black pelt, square and symmetrical with very soft luxurious wool.

30 by 42 inches at the longest points of the wool

Price: $625.00
Sale Price: $425.00
Savings: $200.00
In Stock
Pelt 22UU Pelt 22UU

Pelt 22UU: This pelt is black with hints of silver

Size (hair to hair at widest points): 32 by 52 inches

Price: $625.00
In Stock
Pelt 22WW Pelt 22WW

Pelt 22WW: Very Dark brown with almost black long luscious wool. The size of this pelt is amazing!

Size (hair to hair at widest points): 33 X 48 Inches

List Price: $600.00
Price: $600.00
In Stock
Pelt 331J Pelt 331J


This pelt is a beautiful, extra fluffy creamy-caramel with flecks of blonde! There is a small portion of wool slip on the top left that is hardly noticeable, but easily tucked under.

Size: 50 x 30 inches at widest points

Price: $625.00
(Out of Stock)
Pelt 332D Pelt 332D

Pelt 332D: What a beauty! Gorgeous long white wool with one small light rosy patch near the center. A very large pelt with great texture!

Size (hair to hair at widest points): 26 X 46

List Price: $625.00
Price: $625.00
Pelt 332E Pelt 332E


Shorter, fluffy wool of a dark, espresso brown color with flecks of burnt sienna in the fringe. Small hole in the back not visible from front.

Size: 47 x 28 inches at widest points

Price: $525.00
In Stock
Pelt 333P Pelt 333P

Pelt 333P: Dark brown around the edges with a rosy brown center on long wool! So beautiful!

Size (hair to hair at widest points): 26 X 47 Inches

List Price: $600.00
Price: $600.00
Pelt 333R Pelt 333R


This is a beautiful inky black with a hint of brown at the tail. There are some holes in the back from the natural harvesting process; not visible from the front.

Size: 50 x 32 inches at widest points

Price: $575.00
In Stock
Pelt 333Y Pelt 333Y


Incredibly soft pelt with black licorice coloring and a subtle brown fringe. Due to the natural harvesting and tanning processes, there are some minor flaws such as some wool slip on the top right and bottom left, one small hole on the back top left, and one rip on the back bottom right. None are visible from the front.

Size: 44 x 32 inches at widest points

Price: $575.00
In Stock
Pelt 491A Pelt 491A

This pelt's silky soft long and shaggy wool is a dark brown around the edges that fades to a rich chocolatey brown in the center. This is a great piece for any room in the house! Three holes in the back accompany a tear and some thin hide but none of its imperfections can be seen from the front.

Size: 52X32

Price: $550.00
In Stock
Pelt 491E Pelt 491E

This thick and fluffy beauty features tones of chocolate and caramel. Super cozy without the usual wool length! Two small holes near the lower edges and some wool slip on the sides are not visible from the front.

Size: 48X26

Price: $575.00
In Stock
Pelt 746O Pelt 746O

PELT 746O A gorgeous white pelt with warm undertones, beautiful long white wool for a kids room, or a comforting piece for a newborn!
Size: 42 inches long by 26 inches across (roughly at the widest points)

Price: $575.00
In Stock