Our gorgeous Navajo Churro heritage sheep have such beautiful hides with long luxurious wool, we decided early on we had to find a way to preserve their beauty and honor the whole animal by tanning them into gorgeous pelts. Our custom made sheepskin pelts are of the finest craftsmanship and involve quite a process to become a pelt. After harvest, we personally collect each one from the slaughterhouse, then we sort and clean them here on the ranch, then they travel to Oregon to our expert taxidermist. These pelts are supple and soft suede on the back side and incredible long lambs wool on the front, perfect for a cozy couch throw, an ottoman or home decor. They can be cleaned at home with warm water and mild detergent and air dried (never heat or they will felt).

Care and laundering of sheep skins:
- If cleaning is necessary: rinse with cool water.
- Wash with liquid ivory soap in warm water on gentle cycle for three minutes.
- Rinse in warm water (twice) and allow to go through the spin cycle. Air dry, then brush.
- Dry on air dry, then put in dryer to fluff, NO HEAT.
- Stretch out by hand as drying to keep softer. Can use a pet brush to fluff after cleaning.