Why Five Marys

We believe in selling only the finest meat and the finest meat comes from animals and land that are well cared for.
There are no shortcuts.
We are a small family ranch and together as a family we vigilantly care for each of our animals.
Our Black Angus cattle, Navajo Churro heritage lambs and Gloucestershire Old Spot heritage pigs spend their whole lives on our green pastures and hills rich in minerals and with plenty of sunshine and fresh Northern California mountain air.
You can experience the difference in the taste of our beef, lamb and pork.
Our meat is never treated with antibiotics or hormones.
We are organically minded and GMO free whenever possible.
Our beef is finished on pasture grass with free-choice barley ration.
Our animals are processed at a first class USDA process, cut and wrap facility and each cut has complete traceability to our animals.
Our ground beef and steaks are all dry aged for 28 days for tenderness and flavor you won't find many places other than the premier steakhouses.
We strive to bring the finest meat to your table, as well as the the real story behind it, so you know just where your food comes from.

Some of Our Favorite Cuts
Rack of Lamb
The chef's choice breed of lamb for a wonderful mellow flavor, you won't be disappointed!
28 day dry aged ground beef
An M5 favorite, the flavor is fantastic.
Pastured Pork
Heritage bred pork - a real treat!