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Maldon Sea Salt

M5's favorite coarse sea salt - Maldon of course, only the best!

Let steaks come to room temperature, salt with course sea salt, grill to perfection.

$10 per jar (10 ounces)

Price: $10.00
Spice Seasoning Rub

M5's custom blended seasoning we love to use on our own dinners most nights and has become a customer favorite!

Great on most cuts of steaks, lamb and pork, very versatile and sometimes all you need to add to your meat.

A dry rub with premium sea salts, pepper and organic herbs & spices.

$10 per jar (10 ounces)

ingredients: Maldon Coarse Flake Pyramid Shaped Sea Salt, Fine Ground Malabar Black Pepper, Fine Ground Sea Salt, California Garlic Pepper, Crushed Red Pepper Flakes, Organic Leaf Cut Thyme, Organic Rosemary Leaf and Minced Onion.

Price: $10.00

M5 Trio of Seasonings

M5's perfect blend of seasoning salt for finishing- our combination of fine Pink Himalayan Salt (with 84 trace minerals) and Maldon Course-Flake Sea Salt (the best there is!) makes for a perfect mix for finishing and flavor.

Use as a finishing salt - great for veggie sides too!

$10 per jar (10 ounces)

Price: $25.00