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Five Marys breakfast sausage from our heritage breed, pasture raised pork. A delicious grind with just enough fat, delivered "not in links" for a loose breakfast sausage allowing easy to make patties or to add to your favorite morning egg dish!

$12.50 for 1 pound package of ground sausage

Price: $12.50
(Out of Stock)

Five Marys sweet italian sausage from our pasture raised pork. Italian Sausage is in a new format - ground loose sausage in a 1-pound bag - and just as delicious!

Great for pastas, not spicy - more sweet but great flavor that doesn't need anything else to season!

$12.50 for 1 pound package

Price: $12.50
In Stock

Five Marys ever popular hickory smoked bacon. One pound of bacon goodness from our heritage breed, pasture raised pork.

LIMITED SUPPLY!! (and limit 3 pounds per family so there is enough to go around :)

$15 for 1 pound package of sliced hickory smoked bacon

Price: $15.00
(Out of Stock)
Polish Sausage

Uncured Polish Sausage from Five Marys pastured pork - yum yum! One pound of delicious sausage in 4 links per package.

Ingredients: Pork, Water, Salt, Sugar, Black Pepper, Celery premix (Celery Powder, Sea Salt, Natural Flavoring, Silicon Dioxide), Spices, Garlic Powder, in a hog casing.

$15 for 1 pound (4 sausages)

Price: $15.00
In Stock
Jowl Bacon

Our specialty uncured Jowl Bacon is a rare treat! From the pork cheeks, jowl bacon can be hard to find but is a delicious treat much like bacon but some claim even better!

*limited supply, maximum 3 orders per family please!*

$16.50 for 14-17 oz (close to 1 pound per package)

Price: $16.50
(Out of Stock)

An assortment of your favorite M5 pork products. We need to update the photo but we have switched to loose sausage from links!

3 pounds of hickory smoked bacon and
3 pounds of breakfast sausage in our new Five Marys loose sausage grind **not in links as photo shows**

Price: $79.00
(Out of Stock)

An assortment of your favorite M5 pork products!

3 pounds of hickory smoked bacon
2 pounds of breakfast sausage
2 pounds of all beef hot dogs

Price: $95.00
In Stock