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Five Marys Gift Certificate

A Five Marys gift certificate is a great gift for anyone! Choose any amount - we'll send a personalized note and ordering instructions.

You will be asked to choose email or postal delivery, gift amount and a personalized message to the sender after you add a gift certificate to your cart (click image above, then add to cart button).

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M5 Ranch Patch!

A fun little official "H&H Land and Livestock" patch from the ranch! We sell our products under the Five Marys Farms label but we started the ranch as H&H Land and Livestock which is still the official name of the cattle ranch!

about 3 inches across, must be sewn on, doesn't iron well.

Price: $5.00
In Stock

A big bunch of our baling twine to use for projects and creative uses - we'd love to see them!
And if you make a project (dish scrubbers, door mat etc) and send it back we will feature it on our blog and refund your shipping!

One bunch is about 36 strings, about 4 feet long each, in multiple colors (red, yellow, blue, sometimes white) as shown. If you'd like multiple bunches just add more to cart ($2 each to cover our labor to sort and semi-clean them for you!)

Shipping is $15 via FedEx anywhere in US, choose non-perishables at checkout.

If you'd like twine added to any MEAT order box, it's free! Just note in the comments that you would like a bunch of twine added to the bottom of the box. Shipping orders with meat are as noted at checkout.

Some ideas!.....

Price: $5.00
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Farm Fresh Pastured Eggs

Eggs can not be shipped - will be available at our Farm Stands and are now available at Academic Trainers in Menlo Park!


Price: $10.00
(Out of Stock)
Maldon Sea Salt

M5's favorite coarse sea salt - Maldon of course, only the best!

Let steaks come to room temperature, salt with course sea salt, grill to perfection.

$10 per jar (10 ounces)

Price: $10.00
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Spice Seasoning Rub

M5's custom blended seasoning we love to use on our own dinners most nights and has become a customer favorite!

Great on most cuts of steaks, lamb and pork, very versatile and sometimes all you need to add to your meat.

A dry rub with premium sea salts, pepper and organic herbs & spices.

$10 per jar (10 ounces)

ingredients: Maldon Coarse Flake Pyramid Shaped Sea Salt, Fine Ground Malabar Black Pepper, Fine Ground Sea Salt, California Garlic Pepper, Crushed Red Pepper Flakes, Organic Leaf Cut Thyme, Organic Rosemary Leaf and Minced Onion.

Price: $10.00
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2017 Calendar

A little desk calendar with some of our favorite photos on the ranch! A 5.5 by 8.5 inch layout with 12 months and a couple bonus photos at the end. Reminders each month on the days/weeks for Five Marys Farm Club boxes to ship and important pre-orders like Thanksgiving turkeys and Christmas Prime Ribs so you'll be the first to know!

$10 (ships free anywhere in the US - choose "Calendar" at checkout)

Price: $10.00
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Sweet and delicious spun honey from the bees buzzing on Five Marys Farm - spun lightly for a creamy texture, perfect for toast, coffee or on your favorite plate with meat, cheese and bread!

10 ounce bottle for $12

Price: $12.00
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Sweet and delicious golden honey from the bees buzzing on Five Marys Farm!

16 ounces of golden honey for $14

Price: $14.00
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Cuts of a Cow Poster : by Maisie

"The Cuts of a Cow" poster by Maisie for her 4H project - she is selling them to save money for her first animal project next year for the fair!

"Hi it's Maisie. Thanks for buying my poster! I am going to put the money in my bank account and save up to raise my first fair animal at the county fair next year. Thanks for supporting me. I hope you like the poster!"

Purchase here to have one shipped to you in a 8.5 x 11 size on cardstock with a note from Maisie!

Price: $14.00
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M5 Sidecar Candle

Our custom blended candle that smells exactly like our favorite ranch cocktail - The Sidecar! Notes of lemon, orange, citrus and all the yummy smells.

$14 per candle

Price: $14.00
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M5 Mountain Coffee Mug

Our 15 ox "big pour" coffee mug is the Farmer's favorite! Enjoy your coffee at home while planning your next M5 meal :) This design features our mountain background on one side and the M5 brand on the other.

$15 for a 15 ounce mug

Price: $15.00
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